That’s all he wrote. It’s impossible to fully encompass the breadth of Philadelphia food culture, but I hope this blog has done enough to interest you in it. Food trucks to venerable institutions, products that can only loosely be considered food to the creme of the crop, Philadelphia has something for everyone. If even one of these posts has caught your attention, I invite you to head into the city and explore things for yourself. I’ve only scratched the surface, and could probably write this blog forever. I intend to, actually — maybe I’ll try the pepper pot soup, the Moby Dick to my Whizzardly Ahab. I haven’t mentioned the Italian Market, food festivals, night markets, Chinatown, cannoli, gelato, Tacconelli’s… Wallet willing, time willing, job willing, though, I will.

Trying to encapsulate the whole of Philadelphia food culture isn’t a realistic goal, or even much of an attainable one. It does sound tasty, though, and maybe that’s all I can ask. Until the next time, I’ll see you when I see you, and we’ll walk the Whiz-yellow brick road together.

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